About me


Photograph by Monique Serra


my story...

  I am madly in love with the man of my dreams; my husband, Casey. He woo'd me from the other side of the window at the Dutch Bros. coffee stand where I worked when we met. He low key stalked me there for months and glared at me daily, and that was the end of life as I knew it. 

  We are the proud and obsessive parents of our two sweet k9 sons, Buddy and Ezra, and our feline son Huckleberry. We have a home in Eugene, Oregon, where I was born & raised. Our home is perfectly, imperfect; with its dog hair & muddy floors, piles of unfolded laundry, and sink that is never totally empty... It's ours, and it's where we are our truest selves. (hint: why I LOVE in-home sessions so much!). We are both homebodies. Don't get me wrong - I am *almost always up for a coffee date, and we both love an outdoor adventure as a family... but at the end of the day we'd always rather be at home on our couch. Under 200 lbs. of dog & listening to records or binge watching Law & Order SVU (whose with me on SVU?! Team Stabler #amiright ?!).

Fun facts:

  • I surprise married my husband -("surprise married say wuttt?!"  Show me!). 
  • I have a weakness for lattes and a steadfast love affair with chocolate.
  • I have devoted myself to a life long search for the world's best chocolate chip cookies; even though I know the recipe is at home in my mom's kitchen.
  •  I am an absolute introvert and am most comfortable in my natural state as a wallflower. 
  • "Binge"-ing is my preferred & only method of watching... well anything really.