Lets Stay In

Dixie & Trev

    Ok first- isn't "Dixie" just the cutest name?! 

  Dixie reached out to me wanting to do a couples shoot with her hubby just because. I love just because shoots so much! I think it's important to remember you as you are now, just because. Not in a wedding dress, done up for a once in a lifetime celebration. Not celebrating the birth of your new bundle, but just the way you are, at home and in love, right now. Yes of course milestone photos are a must and I love those too, 

but the in-betweens, the little moments, and the everyday feels are just as important. 

  All too often we forget to slow down, and sessions like these are a perfect opportunity to do just that. To slow down, be present, and appreciate the beauty of every day life. 


  Our original plan was to have an outdoor more adventurous shoot at Mary's Peek. But, like many times before and many times again, we had a change of plans. We got all the way out to Mary's Peak and what do you know? 

Actual snow storm.

I'm talking, blizzard! 

  Needless to say, not only were we not prepared nor expecting such weather, it literally wasn't even possible to shoot in. I couldn't see more than 8" in front of my face! (lens).

So we rescheduled, which is always a little disappointing for everyone, but it often leads to a hidden gem! Instead, we opted for a Let's Stay In, at home shoot. Cozy and comfy, and a rare opportunity for some quiet time without the kiddos. 

  I love at home shoots because people naturally feel more comfortable when they are in their actual comfort zone. You get such a real look inside their love and it's beautiful. 

Dixie & Trev, thank you again.